Domestique Wine

Anisah's Winter Cocktail Kit - The 2022 Edit


Anisah's Winter Cocktail Kit - The 2022 Edit

Domestique Wine

Anisah's Winter Cocktail Kit - The 2022 Edit


Each cocktail kit contains: 

1 bottle Artemisia Equinox sweet potato gentiane 

1 bottle Hamilton 86 Demerara Rum

1 bottle Bittercube Jamaica #2 bitters


As we draw closer to the holiday season, I usually try to take this time to reflect. It lets me think about the space I take up and what that means for me and the folks closest to me. The history of this country started with violence so I always give thanks to the land, the people it was stolen from, and those who shed blood, sweat, and tears for it. 

This cocktail is in honor of the many tribes of the Powhatan. And it's the least I can do to celebrate National Indigenous People’s month. I wanted to connect this land to the cocktail so I didn’t want to look too far for something to inspire me. Luckily, Kelly and Andrew stopped by the shop to let us try their new aromatized wines. Artemisia Farm and Vineyard makes aromatized wine with local Virginia botanicals. This year we managed to snag four different bottlings. Equinox is sweet potato and hickory focused made with hybrid grapes. As I've mentioned before, Virginia wine is on the come up and this producer is utilizing what they grow to represent the land. Sweet potato is an essential product of the Americas and is one of the earliest known crops to be cultivated. I built around the wine and earthiness of the sweet potato. I found that creating a jungle bird brought out more spices from Equinox. 

(Chesapeake) Bay Bird

1.5 oz Hamilton Demerara rum 
1oz Equinox
1.5oz Pineapple juice
.5oz Lime or Lemon juice - lemon juice allows the wood to shine a bit more while lime will give you a punch of tart flavor
.5oz Key Lime simple - I macerated key limes in sugar for about 3 days making sure they were all coated, then I made a simple syrup. To do this add equal amounts of water to the sugar used in the maceration process. If you need more syrup, just add equal parts sugar to water to your mixture. 

Once you have all your ingredients ready, add them to a shaker tin with ice and give it a good shake for about 8 seconds. Serve in your favorite rocks glass on a large ice cube. 

It only makes sense to include an Old Fashioned riff. I love drinking an Old Fashioned before a large meal. It gets my tummy ready to chow down and share lots of laughs in the process. This recipe is even better with gin (barrel aged or something cool like this gin from Canada), calvados, or an applejack would be amazing with Equinox. Sip at your own pace. 

Columbo Dumbo

1.5oz Demerara Rum (2oz if theres a vibe)
1 brown sugar cube or .25oz  brown sugar syrup
.25oz Equinox 
A few dashes of Jamaican No 2 bitters

Add your ingredient to a glass. Add your ice then stir for about 30 seconds or until you're happy with the dilution (~o~) enjoy your way and express your zest then enjoy. 

Some other alternative ways to try the Equinox include substituting it for Angostura. Like using it in a Trinidad Sour. Use it in something that requires fruit brandy to give it a bit of a winter spice feel. Try it in your spiced cider or mulled wine. In a hot toddy. The possibilities are endless. The best part about using these botanical wines is that you know people who care about the earth made them. And you get to enjoy what makes Virginia special. 

- Anisah