Wine Club is the heartbeat of DOMESTIQUE. Here's how this works:

Wine Club is a recurring, monthly subscription. Each month you'll receive 3 handpicked bottles from natural wine's best and most exciting producers for $75 per month. The selections will vary in style, grape varieties, and where they come from. Every month is a surprise!

Sign up anytime during the month, and you’ll be in for that month. Subsequent recurring charges will go through on the 7th day of each month.

The wines are released on the second Thursday of every month. Your wines can be picked up at the shop, delivered in the DC area, or shipped nationally any day after that.

But that’s not all! There are so many perks:

- Wine club members receive 5% off all other DOMESTIQUE purchases.

- Wine club members can attend our Sunday tastings for free and get first access to special events.

- Wine club members who ship nationally can add up to three additional bottles to their monthly shipments for no additional shipping costs.

- Members also have access to the DOMESTIQUE Wine Club community via our Discord channel, a digital place to obsess over wine club wines -- and other things related to wine, like recipes, pairings, tasting notes, and hot takes, as well as unfettered access to our Director of Sales and Wine Club Tsar, Eric Moorer. (Seriously, he won’t shut up about these wines.)

Best club you'll ever join.


Have more questions? You can always send us an email at wineclub@domestiquewine.com. And check out the FAQ below:

Who chooses the wines for Domestique Wine Club?

Eric Moorer, aka @imappalling on IG, aka our Director of Sales. Wine Club is his obsession. He spends all month tasting (and talking to producers) to find the best bottles out there.

When do I get charged each month? When do I get my wine?

If you're a new member or want to join, you just need to sign up anytime during the month, and you’re in! Subsequent recurring charges will always go through on the 7th of each month, and are available for pickup & delivery on the following Thursday. National shipping will leave the shop that week, too.

How do I get my wine club delivered in DC?

Let us know! It's a $15 for us to deliver wine in DC. If you add on other wines and the total cost (including this month’s wine club) is over $150, it's free. We deliver your wines within two days after wine club is released.

What if I want my wines shipped outside of the DC area?

We ship almost everywhere in the US. Your wines will ship out the week that wine club is released. And you can add up to three additional bottles (for a total of six) for no additional shipping costs.

How do I learn more about the wines?

We send out an email newsletter every month with producer information and Eric’s ramblings, but you’ll also receive a postcard with each month’s bottles where you can find more info. Eric also hosts a live tasting of the wines on IGTV every wine club release Thursday at 7pm (EST). Check out @imappalling on IG.

Can I buy more of the wine club bottles that I loved?

Yes! Most of the time. Email us if there are bottles you loved so much that you can't live without them, and you can also shop here for past month’s wine club selections.

I can't pick up my wine club wines right away. Can you hold them for me?

We have the space to hold up to three months of past wine club bottles. We can't guarantee the availability of wines beyond three months, and we aren't able to offer refunds or store credit for missed pick-ups beyond three months. In other words, come pick up your wine! (If you need to pause your membership, arrange a delivery for past wine club installments, or would like to make special arrangements for us to hold more than 3 months, please reach out to wineclub@domestiquewine.com)

I want to pause my wine club membership. How do I do that?

We're happy to pause wine club memberships for up to three months. Email us at wineclub@domestiquewine.com.

I need to cancel my wine club. How do I do this?

It's really easy to cancel. Just find the 'Manage Subscription' link in your last wine club confirmation email (from ReCharge) and you can cancel there. Or, email us!